Re: Transition Between In and Off Season


Hey there we have a mandatory stand down period of 4 weeks from our professional players association, that is no contact on a full time basis, I like players to take at least 2 weeks away totally, go for a holiday with their partner, get away from anything to do with rugby, after that I suggest they just do 2 workouts a week in the gym and just keep active outside of the gym, then we can start back into it from there, since we have a short intense off seaosn they did to have done something after the AirNZ Cup competition which finished in October before they come back into a full time professional program, such as the Crusaders, this year we will start back on November 26th, a Wednesday, do a 2.4 km time trial then a weights program and that is it for the day, I will caculate from this test if they need to be in an aerobic, anaerobic or speed group, then Thursday is also a half day with skills and hill repeats on the menu, and Friday is a full day, speed and strength in the morning and skills, anaerobic games and a boxing session in the afternoon, weekend free then into a full week from Monday, training through to a morning only session on December 23rd then breaking for Christmas/New Years till January 7th, they will have a program to do over this time, cheers, ashley