Re: What do rugby guys and powerlifters do for anterior knee pain?



are you sure on that figure regarding VMO? I know there is much in the literature suggesting termination position of VMO is hugely variable – but I have never come across any published papers suggesting that only 35% of the population have a VMO. Could you direct me to that lit please? I would greatly appreciate that!!

The 35% must be all sprinters- because I have yet to find a sprinter who doesnt show VMO!!

That aside – total agreement with you regarding the importance of lumbar region – from a practical perspective any lumbar impingment L1 through L5 produces subjective feelings of weakness and poor control across the quadriceps and almost cerrtainly some discoordinated firing patterns!

What is your take on the small pelvis – long femur early onset hip arthritis and labral tear risk? Most sprinters on x ray show early hip wear and tear and there is a larger than predicted occurence of labral injury … obvioulsy the force they are applying through the chain is high – although not as repetitive as endurance

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