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Re: What do rugby guys and powerlifters do for anterior knee pain?


Good man Luke!

What I like about this forum is we are a community – so we can all share, question, debate and learn for each other

we need to encourage students of all ages :))) to participate

So Luke – if I understand you what you suggest is that the idea of VMO may be mor myth than reality!

Clearly we all have VM (!) but the VMO may simply have been some anatomical variation of VM present in the no doubt wide array of variaitons – that some smart anatomist probably Dr Vernard Michael Oden “ah maybe its a different muscle”???

That makes sense to me! I am yet to see an x-ray (or MRI) of an athlete that looks normal … if we worried about every anatomical variation…hahah

I am too scraed to get my brain scanned because I am sure the rsults woudl be depressing

if in passing you find the reference my friend that would be great but dont let your training time suffer looking for it :>>>> Train hard and well

andy thanks to for the taping feedback – it helps confirm what we do – whether its placebo or whether its real – we still get pain relief!!

thanks guys – love the posting and the discussion!!!