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Re: What do rugby guys and powerlifters do for anterior knee pain?


Hi guys, thought I would add to this from my experience working in rehab in the British Military.

I deal with AKP on a daily basis and have found that around 80% have atrophy in the VMO on the side they c/o pain, compared to the ‘normal’ side. Also glute and hamstring weakness (weakness is being kind- lack of conditioning) is apparent in every case.

My main focus is on posterior chain work and getting the glutes and HS to work properly as well as the heavy 1/4 squats and Peterson steps- the latter is what really works well, especially when they have mastered the technique and add some weight.

We have looked at many factors like Leg length, flexibility, previous training etc, and the weak glutes, HS and reduced VMO have came up time and time again!

Sorry last one- it always seems to be in the early stage of military training; heavy load carrying at Week 8 no problems!!

Taping the patella can also be a big help too.

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