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For the second time- Thanks for the replies guys, both have valid points and I do agree with Fergus however as Bris said there is a certain player/coach expectation which I may challenge!!

I am going to be working with an academy level RL team which is my first step up the S&C ladder:-) We are meeting up on Tue and Thurs evening with a Friday team run through, therefore training and athlete contact time is limited!!

My thoughts were to conduct body stats first followed by either standing long jump or triple hop test then onto the 10m and 60m speed test. I was then planning on doing a 3 or 5RM squat (should I do box squat for more control?) with 1 min press up test at the end.

I don’t think I will have the time to do any anaerobic tests due to numbers and coaches??

Any feedback or suggestions is always appreciated.

Fergus I would love to read that article, sounds interesting

Hi there Andy I would do a 2.4km time trial first up, and do nothing else since they are coming off a break I would never do a speed test without an adequate build up since maximal running with no preparation could lead to some injuries, also since VO2 max has a high negative correlation to body fat you would be able to predict with some accuracy that a player who has a low VO2 max may well need to drop a few kilograms of fat as well, google up 1.5 mile run conversion to VO2Max to get a chart, similar to strength testing most will have done very little gym work in the off season and if they have it will be more in the >8 rep range, so to test for maximal 3 or 5 RM is fraught with danger they need time to prepare the body, just progress with the weight training an dtake them down to that rep range over time, after 4 – 6 weeks of regualr training I would do a power test such as the test you mentioned aand a speed test, cheers, ashley