Re: What testing do you do in Pre Season?


Hi there, we do a 2,4km time trial first day back, the players have been advised in a welcoming letter 1 month before this date what to expect and to advise that if they score well on this then they will be doing reduced aerobic work, we also do a repeated speed test develop by the AB s & c coaches this has replaced the PDT test, we also do a speed test 10/20 metres for forwards and 10/30m for backs, I really like the old PDT since it will show if a 100% effort is given the fatigue rates and if we need to do more repeated speed or from the speed test work more on acceleration or top end speed, or as I hear once, an answer to the question, coach how do you get your team faster, answer: recruit, trade or buy faster players.

Also from the aerobic test I calculate distances players should be completing in there intervals sessions, so I can individualise from this, I also may do a speed profile by using a new device that will give me whatever splits I want, and look at exactly a player reaches top speed and what the drop off is like and how long they take to reach it, I know this will be all straight stuff but should be interesting to play with and see if I can use it appropriately, cheers, ashley

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