Altering Barbell Kinetics to Enhance Strength-Power Training

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    By Dr. Daniel Baker
    Strength Coach Brisbane Broncos, Level 3 Strength Coach
    ASCA Master of Strength & Conditioning

    Product Features:
    18 Page manual with colour illustration
    Exercise Descriptions
    Bands and Chain training
    Weight Hooks (Weight Releasers)
    Estimated power output chart during 100% 1RM
    and much more…

    Learn how to apply Strength Bands and Chains to your training to alter barbell kinetics for strength and power gains.

    Maximum strength is defined as the ability to apply force and/or overcome resistances to movement. It is best developed by lifting heavy weights for lower repetitions…..

    Download here! (.Pdf)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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