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    Kia ora Ash, brother the A-Z article on can only come from someone who has had 30 yrs of “real life” learning!! What a great piece that was and it defiantly touched my spirit as someone who aspires to reach higher then they did the day before in all aspects of life!! Some times I get and some times I stuff it up completely.:)

    It has been a privilege learning from you in 2000 and of course I’m still continually doing that with reading what ever you write for and it’s great to be able to tap into my good mate Luke Thornley as well, after all if I’m unable to ‘tap’ directly into you the next best thing is the person who works closely with you!!

    Take care brother I’m defiantly saving that article as something to re-read

    Enhancing Human Performance Ltd
    Spida Hunter
    Performance Trainer/NZ Fitness Expert
    Thanks very much Spida, I am so glad that you found some of the points I made in that article relevant to yourself, there are so many people who have guided my thoughts over the years, and my players do so every time we train so the journey goes on and on, as Bilbo Baggins said, stay well, ash
    Hi Ashley, just a quick question on leg work once the rep season begins.
    During the clud seson i have rotating through full/bench/front squats for 5 sets of 5 early on a Tuesday morning with an olympic lift and lateral work.
    The lower body is still fatiqued on friday mornings as i also do 2 dedicated speed sessions and team trainings. I justified this by using the club season to build on my off season gains. My question being should the quantity drop once reps starts or just the intensity of the lifts,is the neural recovery more important than actual muscular recovery.Thanks for your time,keep up the good work

    Hi Scotty, we tend to reduce our volume quite considerably over the season, we work over a 3 week block, and do 3 – 5 exercises early in the week on either Monday or Tuesday or we split the program and do lower and upper body programs on both Monday and Tuesday, and then on a Thursday we do either another upper body or a power based workout. Every 3 weeks we change the exercises and start the progression again:

    Week 1: 6,5,4
    Week 2: 5,4,3
    Week 3: 4,3,2

    With our power work on the Thursday (3 – 5 exercises) we alternate on a weekly basis:

    Week 1: 5 x 3 @ 60 – 80% of 1RM
    Week 2: 3 x 5 @ 30 – 40% of 1RM

    Hope that is of some use to you, train wel, ash
    Hey Ash.

    Great reading your page very informative..

    A couple of questions that don’t directly relate to rugby but I’m sure you could answer anyway,

    Firstly, I’m training for Judo and was just wonder what are some of your favourite conditioning exercises to do with the rugby guys.

    Currently I’m doing alot of complexes with plates/dumbbells rounds of alternating activities (such as sets of box jumps alternated w/Plate Twists for 2-3mins) and am just looking for some more variety.

    Secondly, I’m currently 20weeks out from my Major competition of the year (oceanias, November) and was wondering what periodization you would suggest? My body weight is 103kgs (fight in the under 100kgs class) so that is not an issue, what I was going to do was focus on Strength for the next 6weeks (using the modified Westside Routine of Joe DeFranco’s), follow this with 4weeks of Olympic Lifting work and then probably repeat that cycle again or something similar. What approach would you reccomend?

    Thanks very much for your time, I hope you can answer my questions

    Jason Koster
    Hi there Jason, I remember Charles Poliquin telling me years ago that he likes to put a Gi onto a lat pulldown bar and do rotational pulls in a standing position, we also do a lot of grip work which would also be good for you to consider, eagle loop chins ( and the range of blocks for grip strength from get strength will see you in great position, as for your periodised program, I believe in training all variables concurrently, and then to emphasise your weaknesses in proportion to the rest of your training, also if you can get a thick bar I would recommend that you do a majority of your exercises with this thick bar, 2 – 3 inches in diameter, would be most effective, also lots of copmplexes with a pulling/Olympic emphahis will be great for you as well, hope this helps, ash
    hi ash my names Steve and I’ve just got back from university from the summer. Me and my brother have decided to hit the gym pretty hard over the next couple of months to improve our size strength and fitness. We are hoping to be at the gym 4 times a week with cardio also being done during the week. We have both done weight training before but have never really had a set routine and so have neglected working our legs and back. Have you any suggestions for an 8-10 week plan for weight/ fitness ansd speed training and are there any protein supplements you would recommend? thanks, steve
    Hey Steve, thanks for your question, I think any of the Rule of 24 programs that are on this web site will work for you and your brother, as for protein we use Musashi brand which has been great for us and one that I know is beneficial and productive for the players that i train, if you have neglected your back and legs over the years then I would recommend that you do 2 pulling workouts and 2 leg workouts for every pushing workout that you do to ensure you get some balance back in your training, maybe combine back and legs to get maximum benefit, go well, ash
    First of all, Wonderful website with a lot of information!! Exactly what I need! I looked for a website like this during one year and finally I have found it!!
    Here is my problem: I played before hooker but because of lower back problem, I had to move on the Back Row. I am currently 1m78 and 89kg and my main problem is that as I am not as tall and as big as the back rows in my team, I have to play on others skills like speed and endurance: I am currently doing gym twice a week following your programs and I am trying to work the cardio 3 times a week as an off season program. Do you think you can give me some tips to work my speed and endurance as a back row so I can compete and win my place (9 players for Back row in my team, so lots of competition).

    Many thanks, Brice

    Hi Brice, I would have you doing more gym work, I think 3 full body workouts each week, and then also do 3 anaerobic/aerobic sessions as well,

    Gym – Full Body – a different one each training day (mon/wed/fri)

    1 x Olympic movement
    1 x Squat
    1 x hamstring/lower back
    1 x Upper Body Push
    1 x Upper Body Pull
    100 core reps

    1 x hill repeat session – warm up then 3 x 5 min, 3 x 3 min, 3 x 1 min with 1/2 time walk back recovery in between each rep

    1 x repeated speed session, warm up then 20 x 50m with jog through 50m going every 60 seconds, then 20 x 22m off the ground in a different position going every 20 seconds or 200/100 drill x 10, 200 in 40 seconds rest 20 seconds then 100 in 20 seconds rest 40 seconds

    1 x Fartlek run or cross country run 45 – 60 minutes

    short speed session before the weights, see my sprint program listed on this web site, hope that is of use to you, cheers, ash
    Hi Ashley,
    What are the most important exercises in Rugby ? For traps, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, back, quads ?
    The most worked..

    Hi Max, I think in order of importance that I place on exercises I would list them as follows, I work more for movement than specific body parts in my training programs and I am strongly influenced by olympic lifting so my bias may well come through:

    Split style snatch
    Power Clean
    Bulgarian Single leg squat
    Push Press or Split Jerk
    Simmons Good Morning combo

    So you would say that hip strength is the key for me, check my 5 favourite series here on this web site (article section) for more exercsie selection, cheers, ash

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