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    Hi guys

    I was just wondering if you had any ideas about power/strength training for beach flags (surf lifesaving).
    I come from a rugby background (halfback) and got asked to give it a crack, since i have resonable accleration.
    I have been doing two power and one strength session a week and 3 speed sessions ( 2 sand, 1 track) with my surf coach.

    The power and strength sessions are similar to the programming for the back three that ash posted. Are these sessions applicable??

    I might make one power session a speed/power session combined, would this be suitable?? I even thought the speed/power session combined outlined in the big rocks approach would be suitable because sometimes we have very little turn around between sprints.

    If you have any ideas it would be very much appreciated

    cheers Ryan


    I think that any of the ideas that I have posted related to acceleration
    and power would be applicable for your new sport integrated with the
    work you are doing on the sand and track with your coach, go well,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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