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    My current workout is as follows. I train in boxing and muay thai and do weights two to three times a week depending on how the body is feeling. I am relatively new to weights training. I’ve been given the following routine where I concentrate on groups of muscles for each day rather than whole body.

    Incline DB Bench
    15×10 17.5×10 22.5×10 25×10 15×10

    usually supersetted with bicep curls
    10×10 12.5×10 12.5×10 12.5×10

    The set of 25kg is immediate followed by the 15kg then bicep curls.

    Flat bench
    20kgx10 40kgx10 50kgx10 60kgx10 40kgx10 20kgx20

    supersetted with hammers


    Preacher curls

    Wide grip Chin Ups

    shoulder DB shoulder press
    10×10 15×10 17.5×10 22.5x 8
    supersetted reistance band pulls similar to wide grip chin ups

    Roman Dead Lifts
    20×10 60×10 80×10 100×10 100×10 (though is will probably be heavier say 110 or 120 from now on)

    Suppersetted with DB upward row

    Next either shrugs

    80×10 60×10 40×10 20×10
    supersetted with side flies

    or Bench DB Rows

    15×10 22.5×10 25×10

    Back Squat
    20×10 40×10 60×10 80×10 80×10 40×10

    Lunges which I pace out over 20m
    10kg DB x 3
    supersetted with Roman Deadlift with 17.5kgDB’s

    Calf raises carrying a dumbell

    During these sessions I do some boxing usually but not all the time usually few round of pads or light sparring. As I said earlier that I am new to weight lifting but from my research I think this type of workout is more aimed at hypertrophy. I am losing a bit of weight from this training which I am kind of surprised about though my physique is improving. I am a small guy of about 72kg. Though I would like to look good I am more interested in strength and speed. On the off days I do core exercises, kettlebell swings, resistant bands and body weight exercises along with my boxing and muay thai. Also do yoga when I have time and my body is up to it for core and flexibility.

    I would like to know if you think my current routines are on the right track or how they should be modified? Is there some recommended readings for me better understand is type of conditioning?


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