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    Here is a list of what I use, for explanation go to You Tube or google where you find very detailed descriptions or maybe Steve from Get Strength can put some of these on video and share them on this site, cheers, ash

    https://www.getstrength.com/downloads/core programme.pdf

    Suit case Dead Lifts
    Swiss Ball Leg Raises
    Turkish Get Ups
    Full Body Twist
    Sprinter’s Sit Up
    Boxer’s Sit Up
    Swiss Ball Sit Up & Throw Med Ball
    Russian Twist on Back Extension
    Cable Wood Chops


    hay im a halfback but only converted 2 years ago wear i used to be a openside flanker.i am wondering if you can help me out with a programme im 172cm and 86 kg im quie built but ive done quite of bit of hypertrphy weight training so now i need to focus on getter quciker and more explosive could you help me with a programme eg a weekly plan with weight session speed agailty sessions im a uni student that plays premier rugby in the bop

    cheers ryan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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