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    Well I have had quite a few evenings with nothing but Japanese TV for company so I have dug through some archives, re-read Leo Costs`s Big Beyond Belief book of the early 90`s which used the Bulgaian weightlifting training model applied to hypertrophy and strength training well worth a read, also looked at Charles Poliquin`s work on two a day training for the same body part, and this is what I have come up with as the final instalment in my Pencil to Crayon training programs, shall trial it and see if it is possible to do and then apply it to our young player, exercise selection is purely based on what I have available at this time feel free to use whatever you feel is worthwhile for you whilst maintaining the integrity of the sets and reps, cheers and enjoy your training, it is definitely one of the keys to success, ash

    Monday (Shoulders)

    3 x 3 Push Press
    4 x 4 Cambered Bar Press
    5 x 5 Trap Bar Press

    4 x 6 Bradford Press
    3 x 8 DB Shoulder Press
    2 x 12 DB Lateral Raise

    Tuesday (Squat/Quad dominant)

    3 x 3 Overhead Squat
    4 x 4 Front Squat
    5 x 5 Back Squat

    4 x 6 Cambered Bar Box Squat
    3 x 8 Safety Bar Squat
    2 x 12 Bulgarian Single Leg Sprinter`s Squat

    Wednesday (Back)

    3 x 3 Wide Chins
    4 x 4 Bent Over Row
    5 x 5 Seated Row

    4 x 6 Weighted Chins supinated grip
    3 x 8 One Arm DB Row
    2 x 12 Pulldowns to Chest

    Thursday (Chest)

    3 x 3 Band Bench Press
    4 x 4 Incline Bench
    5 x 5 Close Grip Bench Press

    4 x 6 Incline DB Press
    3 x 8 Flat DB Bench Press
    2 x 12 Dips

    Friday (Hamstring/Lower Back)

    3 x 3 Power Snatch
    4 x 4 Power Clean
    5 x 5 Deadlift

    4 x 6 Good Morning
    3 x 8 Romanian Deadlift
    2 x 12 Back Extension

    fit whatever Ab work you need to do around the sessions, you can not go past Pavel`s advice on Ab training, and add your rollouts, cheers, ash

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