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    Hey if you have not tried body weight circuits on the Monday after a game on Saturday then I highly suggest you read up from two of the best in the business first to get a huge number of exercises to draw from, we have used them for a while now and they are a great alternative or addition to what we have previously done on a Monday to get the blood flowing and to work the body through full range, a 20 – 40 minute workout depending on your level of consition will challenge even the best of your best players, so checkout:

    any books by Brian Jones (no relation) at http://www.ironmind.com and wilst you are there have a look at the great range of motivational and inspirational posters, DVD`s, books that are available as well as Brians excellent books, and also;

    the Matt Furey range of Combat Conditioning books and products at his web site http://www.mattfurey.com and from there use your imagination in creating a range of body weight circuits and challenges for your players, best wishes, ashley

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