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    Posted by Getstrength on behalf of Ashley Jones

    For DY
    Thank you for getting me to think more, question more and to start writing again, you inspire me to be the best I can be each and every day.

    It has been a while since I last thought about something to put on paper, that maybe of interest to readers of Get Strength, hope you find it so and of course feel free to ask questions.

    When I graduated from my bachelor’s degree in 1986 (aged 25), I knew it all, when I started my NRL career with the Newcastle Knights in 1994 (33), I realized I knew about a half of what I did and had the steepest learning curve in my life to date, now about to enter my 8th season with the Crusaders rugby team I know very little but have started to ask better questions.

    Years ago my colleague and life long friend Peter Harding, now the Wallabies strength & conditioning coach, said something that has always remained with me, “Complicate to Profit”. A truer phrase has never been uttered, for the majority of trainers and trainees out there Basic is Best!

    Finding out what best works for you is often a life long pursuit, so at this stage I wanted to share with you what I am currently experimenting on myself training wise, and will keep you updated on results.

    I love Olympic lifting, so this is my weight training of choice, as much for my mind and spirit as it is for my body, to compliment this I like treadmill/spin bike intervals/recoveries. I prefer intervals since I prefer to train with intensity and I can control the variables inside and on a treadmill, I can also set up a spin bike alongside the treadmill, so I can “fall off” the treadmill and get straight on a bike to assist in the dissipation of lactate.

    Monday – Snatch, Snatch Pulls, Push Press

    Wednesday – High Block Power Snatch, Low Block Power Clean, Military Press, Squat

    Friday – Clean, Clean Pulls, Rack Split Jerks

    Sets and reps will vary all the time

    Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (optional) – alternate between these sessions, this list is evolving all the time.

    1% Treadmill grade/Spin Bike recoveries

    Weapon 1 – short intervals

    3 min warm up @ 10 km/hr, then 3 mins spin

    Repeat x 10

    1 min @ 14 km/hr – 1 min spin
    30 secs @ 18 km/hr – 1 min spin

    Weapon 2 – ladder

    5 mins @ 11 km/hr – 2.5 mins spin
    4 mins @ 12 km/hr – 2 mins spin
    3 mins @ 13 km/hr – 1.5 mins spin
    2 mins @ 14 km/hr – 1min spin
    1 min @ 15 km/hr – 30 secs spin
    Repeat back up the ladder 1 – 5

    Weapon 3 – long to short intervals

    5 mins @ 11 km/hr – 2.5 mins spin
    4 mins @ 12 km/hr – 2 mins spin
    3 mins @ 13 km/hr – 1.5 mins spin
    2 mins @ 14 km/hr – 1min spin
    1 min @ 16 km/hr – 1 min spin
    30 secs @ 18 km/hr – 1 min spin
    15 secs @ 20 km/hr

    Will add more and update you in the near future, cheers, ashley jones

    Three Rules

    • Train with ITENSITY!!!!!
    • Recover well
    • Have FUN!!!!

    Ashley Jones


    Dear GetStrength & Ashley

    It is absolutely great to see a real sense of humility, from what I have learnt as, one of the great S&Cs of rugby union. I have had the privilage to work in Japan with some of Ashleys old players – all of whom speak so highly of him. As a graduating PhD student, I truly empathize with Ashleys comment regarding “knowing very little”. I still seek what is best for myself, the player and the game – all of which I feel is a never ending quest, even if others feel that they have conquered this.
    I truly enjoy reading the variety of articles and training modalities that are posted here. All of which can be manipulated to your own or players specific needs and objectives.
    Thanks GS, Ashley & its members!
    Keep up the good work!

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