Functional Hypertrophy Phase

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    Hi guys,

    Currently doing some post-fatique supersets with a couple of young union guys. Getting great results in both strength and hypertrophy. Using a MON/WED/FRI rotation and reducing sets by 50% every 3rd workout:

    Upper Body :

    A1) Incline Close Grip BB Press w/ Red Bands 4×3-5 @40X0, rest 10sec
    A2) Incline Neutral Grip DB Press 4×5-8 @20X0, rest 120sec
    A3) Sternum Weighted Chins 4×3-5 @30X1, rest 10sec
    A4) Close Grip Supinated Lat Pull Down 4×5-8 @30X0, rest 120sec

    B1) Flat Fat Grip DB Press 3×6-8 @30X0, rest 60sec
    B2) 15deg Incline DB Bench Pulls 3×6-8 @20X1, rest 60sec

    C1) Weighted Dips, tricep focus 2×4-6 @30X0, rest 10sec
    C2) Decline EZ Bar tricep extension to forehead 2×5-8 @30X0, rest 90sec
    C3) EZ Bar pronated preacher curl 2×4-6 @30X0, rest 10sec
    C4) 45deg Incline Fat Grip DB Curls 2×5-8 @30X0, rest 90sec

    Lower Body:

    A1) Heels Elevated Front Squat w/- red bands 5×3-5 @40X0, rest 10sec (may need to reduce weight 2-5%)
    A2) BB Back Squat medium stance w/- red bands 5×3-7 @30X0, rest 120sec
    A3) Lying Leg Curl toes-in, plantar flexed 5×4-6 @40X0, rest 120sec

    B1) Low Box Side Step-up holding DB 4×15-25 @10X0, rest 90sec
    B2) Standing Medium Stance Good Morning 4×4-6 @3010, Rest 90sec

    C) Sng Calf Raise Holding DB 2x 8-12 @20X1, rest 60sec between legs

    Next phase is twice per day training for 3 weeks with power in the AM and relative strength in the PM.




    nice mate looks hard, did you find any difficultly maintaining the 4 sec eccentric with the bnd resistance?
    was upper and lower alternated each session or 2 upper 1 lower a week?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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