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    How about this for a 3 weeks strength training block

    Upper Body
    wk 1 – 4 x 6
    wk 2 – 5 x 5
    wk 3 – 6 x 4

    lower body
    wk 1 – 6,5,4,6,5,4
    wk 2 – 5,4,3,5,4,3
    wk 3 – 4,3,2,4,3,2

    or if I had a 7 week training block I would do the whole lot for both upper and lower body with a down week in between each 3 week block, what I would not give to be able to have a 7 week off seaosn training block, this year we will get a 12 day block and a 14 day block post christmas, ash


    A 12 and 14 day block-that is ridiculous! Almost sounds like the RFU (English RFU) are planning your season! At least your season doesn’t run from sept to may!

    in all seriousness how come you only get that amount of time?



    Since the Air New Zealand Cup finishes later this year we have a 4 week compulsory stand down period for the players so that means I get them around December 10th, and then we have Christmas break from Dec 24th till Jan 5th, we make do with what we can, ash

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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