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    Hey there just an update after a night of thinking and planning when doing triceps workouts, I think 2 a week is fine one following chest and the other following shoulders, also to ensure you are getting the correct mix of training on triceps I suggest the following, if you are on a full upper body hypertrophy cycle:

    After Chest:

    4 x 6 Close Grip Bench Press
    3 x 8 Lying Triceps Extension
    2 x 12 Powerlifter Pushdowns(flare the elbows out and get over the top of the bar and push straight down)
    1 x 24 Hindu Push ups

    After Shoulders:

    4 x 6 Heavy overhead lockouts (set bar at top of head height in power rack and just push to lockout, great for medial head of triceps and serratus as a bonus)
    3 x 8 Weighted Dips
    2 x 12 DB Kickbacks
    1 x 24 Band Pressdowns

    Biceps after back:

    4 x 6 EZ Curl Bar curls
    3 x 8 DB Twist curls seated or standing
    2 x 12 DB Hammer Curls

    cheers, ash

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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