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    prop;1386 wrote:
    Notes: Not that sore, dunno if its the BCAAs I started using or what
    Deadlifts were crap, was expecting to do 200×4, i guess i havent done them for a while but i ended up using a weight i can RDL for the same reps !? Anybody have any ideas why? mabey just one of those days…

    Deadlifts upto 120×6, 150×5, 180×1 (really struggled), 160×4 (easy),4

    low box squats 145 5×5 ( interesting how much difference a few inches in height makes, my best of a 35cm box is 205kg)

    Goodmorning 95 4×6 (fairly comfortable)

    split squat back foot elevated ( whats a power sprinter?) 25kg dbs 3×8

    pulldown abs 40kg 3×12
    cabel side bends 40kg 3×12

    Very disappointed with the deadlifts, have to get these back up

    Hey Prop, we use to increase the gains in the Deadlift by breaking up the movement to keep the ball rolling.
    Exercises we found to help increase the Deadlift depending on your sticking points.
    Deadlift strength has a lot to do with leverages.


    Block Deadlifts (standing on 50kg plate)
    Rack Deadlifts
    High Pulls
    Deadlifts to your knees.
    Bands Deadlifts
    Chain Deadlifts
    Romanian Deadlifts


    Thanks for the replys, will try the deadlift stuff out


    Incline bench Press 95kg x ,4,4,3 92.5 x 4,4,4

    DB Bench 42.5kg x 6,5 40kg x 6,5

    hammer low row115kg 4×6 easy

    Hammer high row110kg 3×12
    hammer incline bench ( ment to be incline db press but all the benches were taked and had a line) 80kg 4×6

    Push ups 3xmax
    inverted row 3xmax

    felt good, already felt stronger after a week, probably becaue i’d been doing mostly low rep/volume and haven’t done a bodypart split before


    Deadlift worked upto 200kgx1 (fairly easy), 2×3 @ 190kg
    Box squat (45cm) 165 x 5,3 150 kg 3×5
    Goodmorning 100kg x6,6 90kg x6,6
    Sprinter squat 3×8 25kg dbs
    Pulldown abs s/s cabel side bends 4×12

    Tried the different stances, narrow definatly seems the best, also figured that my weak point is actually of the floor, i feel if i can get it off the floor i can get it up, the weight was better but still not where it should be, I think as Ash said getting the grove back is a big part

    The rest was ok , dropped of quick tho I think because of my cold


    Shoulder Press75kg x4,4,2 70kg x4,4,3
    Seated DB Press 27.5kg x 6,5 25kg x6,6
    3 way shoulder raise 12.5kg 3×8 each way ( better technique than last week)
    See Saw Press 20kg x 8 4 @ 15kg, 15kg x 12


    Weak off of the floor I would be doing a cycle of deadlifting with you
    standing on some rubber mates or 50 kg plates to pull from a deeper
    start position, also some snatch grip deads I have always found to be
    effective, ash


    i’ve been following this program and im now in my 3 week. ive reaped good gains in size(about 2kg) and massive strength gains(reping 5kg to 15kg more).
    shall i carry on with this program or change it.
    many thanks


    The gains sound great so I would keep going for another month until you start to plateau then change and possibly go back to this after a month and see if it kick starts progress once again, great job, ash

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