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    Hey guys,

    I was interested to hear what sort of incidence of injury as a result of training you have during a full season (off/pre/competitive/trans)? Athletes are pushed pretty hard to make gains and I would think this would open up the chances of injury.

    If you do factor this in to your schedule how do you remedy it? From a game perspective adductor/hamstring strains are common pre- and early competitive phases, so lots of prehab work is done. So would you focus on anything specific in the preparative phase? Does it change then during competitive phase?



    Hi Steven well so much to cover in this question, as far as pre-season goes we attempt to start with 3 days first week and then add a day each week till we get to our 5 full days each week for the remainder of our very short off season, we also limit volume for young and old players to ensure we do not blow them out of the water, our physio will specify
    certain exercises of a prehab/rehab nature for certain players with an injury history, as we get into season all is injury dependant and how each person is coming out of a game, what they can and can not do, so we
    individualise recovery plans and work plans to try and ensure that each player is ready to perform on game day, next season our preparation will be severely tested as the domestic competition of the Air New Zealand Cup will conclude with the final on Nov 7th, players need to be around for 1 week post this date to ensure sign off on commercial, medical and conditioning issues and then they have a 4 week stand down period, which means that I will get the Supper 14 players back on December 14th, which gives me till December 23rd when we break for Christmas to prepare the team, if the competition stays as is in 2010 I will have only another 2 weeks post return from Christmas break before trial matches commence,
    cheers. ashley

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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