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    New workout plan, for trying to increase size during season, cheers, ash

    Ashley Jones


    Cool, would the lowerbody day still be the same if no more lower body size was needed? Also just out of curiosity, what is the reasoning behind the split am and pm sessions?



    Yes we would leave it just as, with no contrasts on the power day, this
    is just week one for this particular player so we will modify as per
    feedback from him, but I feel that we can keep this going right through
    the season barring any injury issues along the way, I have asked him to
    really be diligent around his nutrition and supplementation, he will be

    Pre workout: Reactivate (Musashi) extra beta alanine (MetaPhysics)

    During workout: Amino Acids – Ni Nourishmanet (Musashi)

    Post Workout: Whey Protein isolate – Wpi (Musashi) additional
    Glutamine and BCAA’s – Muscle Recovery (Musashi)


    Hey Ash

    Any thoughts as to using Musashi Loaded Protein post training for this player for the additional carbs calories, particularly with the 2x sessions per day? Also some creatine pre and post as well?




    Thanks Damian, will run it by the player, and see what he thinks but I
    like the idea, cheers,ash


    hey ash,

    I like the look of the program! but i have two problems!

    1) I can only get to the gym once per day

    2) I don’t have access to some of the equipment used in the program.

    Is there any way around this??

    cheers simon


    Sure thing Simon just increase the length of the program by combining
    and taking off a few sets if it is getting too long and you are losing
    intensity, as it is just a template feel free to substitute any
    appropriate exercises as you see fit with what you have in your gym,



    This program has been really good! I have followed it for 6 weeks and made some pretty impressive progress particulalry upper body push / pull.

    It’s almost the end of the season here in the UK and i am trying to work out a program for off / pre season. I play 9 and i feel i really need to work on leg power / speed off the mark and upper body strength/size.

    Would you suggest continuing with this plan if i am making good gains with it? If so how long for?

    Also if i am trying to improve leg power i will also be doing track work and i am unsure of what volume of weights to do on my lower body due to the track work. Could you suggest exercises and volume?




    If you are still making gains I would stick with what you are doing now for at least another 6 weeks and see what further gains you can reap, as for leg power I feel that contrast training is one of the best methods to achieve this, performing a weight exercise followed by a plyometric body weight movement, as you do not list the type of track work you will be doing it is hard to gauge the volume and intensity of the weight room work, 2 sessions a week in the weight room where one is a strength speed session and the other a speed strength session would I think be appropriate in most situations, for this I woudl do the following:

    Session 1 – Strength Speed

    6 x 3 @ 80% 1RM

    2 exercises – 1 x Olympic, 1 x Squat

    Session 2 – Speed Strength

    3 x 6 @ 40%

    3 exercsies – 2 x Olympic, 1 x Squat

    you can use different exercises for each workout, you can also do a lower body plyometric after each set of the weight exercise, for the same number if sets and reps, cheers, ash



    Thanks for that. For the track work i was looking at doing two sessions a week and following something along the lines of the below:

    Session One
    1. 12 Sprints:
    40m Straight Sprints alternating with 30 m Slalom Sprints

    40m straight line of sprints
    Sprint: 1,3,5,7,9,11.

    30m Slalom Sprints
    Going on: 2,4,6,8,10,12
    This should take about 5 – 7 seconds to complete.
    It involves one down and up half way

    Each sprint starts every 30 seconds
    During the 23-25 seconds recovery perform 3 press up’s.

    2 minutes recovery

    2. Distance Covered Shuttle Run – Continuous 45 seconds
    Place cones every 5m (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30m) sprint and return 45 seconds rest. 6 repititions

    Session Two

    Part 1
    8 X 60M (Walk Back Recovery)


    6 x 40M (Walk Back Recovery)


    6 X 6 Double Leg Jumps
    Try and reach the same distance after each 6 jumps (measure using a cone).
    Rest in between each 6


    6 X 40M (Walk Back Recovery)

    Do you feel this will be ok coupled with the lower body gm work?



    That looks fine the intensity and volume appear just right, be your own best judge and pull back where you need to if you are not feeling 100% you will know soon enough and modify as you go, go well, ash

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