Interview with Russel, part 2

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    During the conversation Russell mentioned to me that he does go through different training phases and once again it was depending on how he felt.

    HOW HE FELT? I asked him about this as it kept on popping up in the conversation.
    – He would enter a phase of training and work his program. The phase would be worked out in order to achieve a certain goal of muscle attainment and his strength would rise. Constantly adjusting slightly what didn’t work for him or what didn’t feel right. There would come a point where he felt that the phase he was in wasn’t working for him anymore. At this point he would change program and go through the process again.

    One phase that he did mention that made me shiver in fear but also excitement in wanting to do it whilst listening to him explaining it was what he called GETTING THE MOST FROM ONE SET.

    Let’s take for example your doing a bicep curl he begins to explain, once you have reached failure, he’ll then add forced reps, half reps, just eccentric motion. Quarter reps, whatever it takes to keep moving until that muscle cannot perform anymore. TALK ABOUT TIME UNDER TENSION. NOW THAT’S THE FIRST SET. Now let’s have a short rest and start again. Personally I wouldn’t call it the GETTING THE MOST FROM ONE SET PROGRAM. I’d call it TO HELL AND BACK TWICE PROGRAM.

    Theoretically and a lot of sports scientists and strength and conditioner will come up with multiple reasons for the GTMFOS PROGRAM. But quiet frankly when I was looking at the shear size of the man standing in front of me. I wasn’t going to argue.

    The pyramiding system he described is what he has used as a base always to gain strength and size in conjunction with different phases. He knows his body and knows what he is capable of doing and through years of training has come up with his own system which works for him.


    Russell has given us an example of his pyramid training

    Exercise chosen is bench press I asked Russell his best advice for lifters.



    John Rahme.

    Posted By Getstrength on behalf of John Rahme.

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