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    the enforcer

    G’day guys,

    I have just started using the iron woody bands for flat barbell bench presses and love em. I have done this exercise for the last five weeks and am getting curious about how much resistance the bands are providing. I am aware that there will be a number of variables involved in calculating the resistance, but has someone given it a go? Is there a way to test the resistance at the lockout position, or other phases of the lift?

    I am currently using 70kg one blue band wrapped under the bench similar to this one.

    I am completing the lift with a close grip though and have modified my arm position. I now spread the band under the bench to create a small triangle pointing upwards. This allows me to put my arms between the band and bench from inside the band. This seems to take a bit of stress off my shoulders.

    Does anyone know how to calculate the resistance using band training?



    Hi enforcer and thanks for being a part of the forum, I just did a search of the archives in http://www.t-nation.com for you and came up with 2 great articles by Thibaudeau for you to consult, he states that the Iron Woody bands provide the following poundage:

    No 1. 5 – 35 (all numbers are in pounds)
    No 2. 10 – 50
    No 3. 25 – 80
    No 4. 50 – 120
    No 5. 60 – 150

    Please refer to:

    Band Training for Big Gains and Rubber v Iron

    cheers, ashley

    the enforcer

    Thanks for your reply Ashley,

    That is a great site to learn from. I did a fair share of reading through those articles.

    I have since realised that there is no magic formula for calculating the resitance of the bands through their range of motion.

    I have since read Dan BAKER’s article and I bench in a similar manner to the pics on p14 of the article.

    One further query though. What is the difference between a ‘choked’ band and a ‘doubled’ band as mentioned in the website articles? Does anyone have any pics of the difference?



    Hi Marc, choked in my terminology is just one end through the other and locked in over the base of a power rack or base plus a 2 x 4 block of wood, where as doubled is the band folded in 2 over a DB on the floor and the bar, this is how I set up the bench, sorry I have no pictures available, cheers,ash

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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