Kettlebell Hell

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    Weather in UK is FREEZING at the minute, so all you lot in the sunny SANZAR countries savour every moment- its barely got above freezing here for the last week!

    Anyway, after getting frustrated with games being called off I decided to try something to get me blowing as a fitness/ strength booster as well as getting rid of any excess from Xmas week. Did it every other night over a week.

    20 Alt One Arm Swings
    20 Alt One Arm Cleans
    20 Alt One Arm Explosive Rows
    20 Squats- alt arm holding each rep.
    20 Alt One Arm High Pulls
    20 Alt One Arm Presses

    Idea is to go straight through with no rest-see how it progressed below.

    Mon- did it with 28kg KB once through after a working up to a max in the BB PowerClean.

    Wed- did it with 24kg KB twice through

    Fri- did it three times through with a 20kg KB

    Forearms, grip, traps, neck, quads and hamstrings fried by the end of the week. Each session left you drenched in sweat and breathing out your ar$e- mission accomplished!

    Sun- Swam 800m AM and then did a Boxing conditioning session PM.

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