lower body pulling

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    Hi guys, Ash sent me this a couple of days ago.

    Sorry this slipped through the net.


    Posted on behalf of Ashley Jones

    Hey there, just watched a very interesting you tube of the Chinese weightliters at the national training camp, they were doing sumo stance high pulls, looked a very interesting variation, must give it a trial and see for myself, well worth anyone taking a look at what is actually done with Olympic lifters, as I recall when I was fortunate to be allowed into the warm up area for the World Champs in Melbourne many years ago, all and I mean ALL of the lifters warmed up with dynamic full body mobility movements and then shifted to an empty olympic bar and progressed from there, if you do not have time to warm up properly then you definitely do not have enough time to train.

    Anyways my session today:

    3 x 3 Snatch grip Deadlifts with bar below feet
    4 x 4 Clean grip Deadlifts
    5 x 5 Cambered Bar Good Morning

    3 x 25 rollouts

    enjoy you training, love what you do, as Confucius said `find a job you enjoy and you never work a day in your life` that is all from me for a while, ash

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