Minimise to Maximise Program By Ashley Jones

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    Minimise to Maximise Program
    Just select 2 exercises for each session and work them as hard as you can, you have a variety of sets and reps programs that you can use, I will include my ideas for the next wee while below but be creative and do what works for you, as you all know I like a 3 week loading cycle and then an exercise change but this is by no means set in stone, if it is still gaining it is still worth using and you can continue to come back to exercise selection that have done the job for you before, below is what I have access to at present so althoguh limited somewhat I can still work hard on result producing movments.

    First exercise on each day
    Week 1 – 6,5,4,4
    Week 2 – 5,4,3,3
    Week 3 – 4,3,2,2

    Second Exercise on each day
    Week 1 – 4 x 6
    Week 2 – 5 x 5
    Week 3 – 6 x 4

    Monday – Chest
    Flat Barbell Bench Press
    Low Incline DB Bench Press

    Tuesday – Legs
    Safety Bar Squat to 30cm Box
    Cambered Bar Squat to 45cm Box

    Wednesday – Back
    Bent Over Row
    Supinated Chins

    Thursday – Shoulders
    Standing Military Press
    Seated DB Shoulder Press

    Friday – Lower Back/Hamstrings
    Cambered Bar Combo Good Morning

    Abs can be done every day with a differnt plane or area worked each session, cheers, ashley

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