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    [ashley] 8:31 am: the masters program he heads up at Edith Cowan university in WA is the best in the country
    bris83] 8:31 am: i,ve got an intersting topic from what Wales are doing at the moment
    [ashley] 8:31 am: go for it
    [bris83] 8:32 am: all their player are wearing HR monitors 24/7 to look at their stress levels during sleep and at recovery
    [ashley] 8:32 am: will be useless when they meet Ireland
    [bris83] 8:32 am: whys that?
    [ashley] 8:32 am: what is next a micro chip inserted when you sign your prfoessional contract
    [ashley] 8:32 am: Ireland rock
    [getstrength] 8:33 am: that would cause you stress just having to wear them all day
    [ashley] 8:33 am: it’s an ancestry thing
    [bris83] 8:33 am: fair enough, their S & C guy likes to know EVERYTHING about his players and what they are doing
    [bris83] 8:33 am: lol
    [ashley] 8:34 am: we should get Fergus on line for that one
    [bris83] 8:34 am: he helps wales out doesnt he
    [getstrength] 8:34 am: shame he’s not online
    [bris83] 8:35 am: i think they are in France now for fridays game
    [ashley] 8:35 am: yes indeed, he and onspeed would have an interesting debate I was just sitting back to enjoy the debate, ahha
    [bris83] 8:36 am: what player monitoring do you do?
    [ashley] 8:36 am: just a pen and penci 2 quesrtion test on debried day and captains run day,
    [willo] 8:36 am: trying anything new with crusaders this s14 season???
    [ashley] 8:37 am: not a lot really just similar to last year but more emphaise on individualising power loads
    [bris83] 8:39 am: ok…what is the single most importnat fact/piece of information you have learnt this year on strength/power training?
    [willo] 8:39 am: anything in particular???say for instance your smaller speed guys/back three?? do you use the smaller loading
    percentages for these guys, say 40-60% as opposed to 60-80% ???
    [ashley] 8:40 am: percentage training is obsolete, it is about what you can do now, also less strong players really do not to use a much
    lighter load in working for power
    [simon] 8:41 am: Hey Ash, the tendo unit and monitoring of bar speed is very interesting for the prescription of specific load. Have you
    put much thought into the speed of the athlete ie moving under the bar?
    [ashley] 8:41 am: so for example on a louie box squat cycle we will go 40 – 45 – 50% with weaker players and 60 – 65 – 70 with stronger

    [ashley] 8:42 am: my next step is to get a force platform and see if I can measure that we are more excited about the triple extension of
    the athlete rather than the mechanics of getting under the bar as an olympic lifting coach would be
    [ashley] 8:42 am: so we are doing a lot more pulls than the complete lift
    [ashley] 8:44 am: often the problems come in at the cacth phase for rugby players with the shoulders being beaten up as well as the
    elbows and wrists
    [bris83] 8:44 am: how do you find the guys respond to that type of training in-season when battered and bruised as compared to
    pre-season when fresh etc?
    [ashley] 8:45 am: we are using the lifts to build better rugby players not trying to turn rugby players into olympic lifters
    [ashley] 8:45 am: we are still making gains during the season but at a slower rate
    [bris83] 8:46 am: ok
    [ashley] 8:46 am: sorry guys I am out of here have a captain’s run to get ready for and I still have yet to have my morning coffee, it has
    been fun cheers, ash
    willo] 8:46 am: how much single leg work during season for healthy players, or do you try and get rid of limb imbalances during the off
    seaon(player dependant again?)?do you put a lot of emphasis on them or do you see more bang for your buck on olylifts and squats
    during the season, do you see a lot of benefit from using them to maintain a good range of motion etc?
    [bris83] 8:46 am: do you do that type of work wiht all of the squad or just players who need to improve their explosive power?
    [ashley] 8:47 am: nearly everyone has to improve their explosive power so yes th eentire squad.
    [bris83] 8:47 am: i use single leg work all year round, my players will always do 1 single leg exercise every lower body session, we use
    all types of pulls and mainly deadlifting/squatting movements
    [bris83] 8:48 am: what i mean is if you have a player who needs to increase their muscle mass and improve strength would they still do
    the tendo work or would they have to make gains in strenght first?
    [ashley] 8:48 am: yea bro that is fantastic more the better single leg work in my book
    [ashley] 8:49 am: whatever you do not trian you lose to quote Louie so no matter what you need to prioritise you still do power as well
    [Platinum Round Table]: simon has left at 8:49 am
    [bris83] 8:50 am: fair enough
    [ashley] 8:50 am: sorry guys my caffeine levels have dipper to dangerously low see ya
    [willo] 8:50 am: cheers ash
    [Platinum Round Table]: ashley has left at 8:50 am
    [getstrength] 8:50 am: I;m off boys been fun and like Ash i need my first cofee
    [bris83] 8:50 am: unless anyone else has some questions i have adate with some schedules!
    [getstrength] 8:51 am: Thanks Tom
    [bris83] 8:51 am: no problem
    [willo] 8:52 am: thanks guys
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