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Minutes From Platinum Round Table Meeting For The Northern Hemisphere 25/02/09

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    Minutes From Platinum Round Table Meeting For The Northern Hemisphere

    Date: 25th Feb 2009

    Time: 7 – 7.45pm UK Standard Time

    Topic: Strength Training In Season

    Moderated By – Tom Mclaughlin Head of Physical Preparation Bristol Rugby Club

    Welcome! You have entered [Platinum Round Table] at 7:58 am
    [bris83] 7:58 am: yea you could say that especially with the money some clubs are getting, Bristol and Newcastle operate at 1.5million
    pounds less than all the others
    [ashley] 7:58 am: well bro 12 hours later and we arehere again
    [ashley] 7:59 am: that is a tough ask with the aescalation of salalries
    [getstrength] 7:59 am: hi guys, pop in to see the turn out
    [bris83] 7:59 am: definately
    [bris83] 7:59 am: hi steve
    [getstrength] 7:59 am: Hi mate
    [getstrength] 8:00 am: Ask, luke is online
    [ashley] 8:00 am: mate he can not get this window up
    [ashley] 8:01 am: he is sitting in the next office which will be quite bizarre
    [getstrength] 8:01 am: he must no have flash installed
    [ashley] 8:01 am: probably mate I will bring him in with me
    [getstrength] 8:01 am: http://get.ado b***h player/
    [bris83] 8:02 am: well then guys shall we get something started…
    [getstrength] 8:02 am: haha
    [getstrength] 8:02 am: yes great iea Tom
    [Platinum Round Table]: willo has entered at 8:02 am
    [ashley] 8:03 am: okay guys experiences with the tendo unit
    [bris83] 8:03 am: the first subject that i reckon would be good to discuss is planning a weekly schedule in season with regards to strength
    training, specifically juggling all of the other variables
    [Platinum Round Table]: willo has left at 8:03 am
    [Platinum Round Table]: willo has entered at 8:03 am
    [bris83] 8:03 am: eg. when in the week to train legs, full body, upper body etc
    [bris83] 8:04 am: peoples exeprience and the way forwward…
    [ashley] 8:04 am: okay well we try and get in 2 – 3 workouts although most just did one on a short turn around
    [bris83] 8:04 am: from a personal perspective we train our leg strength on a monday morning for 50minutes
    [ashley] 8:04 am: we will either do a full body then a full body power later in the wee or do a split th efirst 2 days
    [bris83] 8:04 am: then upper body strength on a wednesday and then power on a friday
    [bris83] 8:05 am: that is based on a full training week
    [Platinum Round Table]: simon has entered at 8:05 am
    [bris83] 8:05 am: where we play on a saturday then our gearing up for a home game on a sunday
    [ashley] 8:05 am: full body for us will be 4 exercsies, 1 x olympic or hanstriong/lower, 1 x squat or single leg, 1 x upper push 1 x upper
    [ashley] 8:05 am: thursday is our last session for a saturday
    [bris83] 8:05 am: An exmaple of this weeks training for my tight head prop
    [bris83] 8:06 am: Monday: Squat 5×3 supserset with box jumps from seated position, walking lunges 2x50m, reverse hyper 4×6,
    abdominal circuit.
    bris83] 8:07 am: Wednesday: Upper Body: Rope Pull-Ups s/s with push press 5×5, db b***h press s/s with db rows 4×6, cable face
    pulls s/s shrugs 3×12
    [ashley] 8:08 am: Monday – upper body 2 x push pull one with a bar one with DB’s, Tuesday – lower body 3 exercsies olympic, squat,
    hamstring, wed – just light power, block cleans, band assisted squats, jammer
    [getstrength] 8:08 am: b***h = b***h
    [bris83] 8:09 am: Friday: b***h press 5×3@50% s/s with med ball chest pass, jammer press s/s supine pull-ups 4×6, Squats with
    50% 5×3, finish with some arm supersets as he is mass gainer!
    [bris83] 8:10 am: steve im trying to write chest press but it comes out as b***h !
    [bris83] 8:11 am: another routine I have tried on an injured player is…
    [ashley] 8:11 am: solid program, very tight
    [getstrength] 8:11 am: i know mate we had the same problem, it thinks you are swearing
    [getstrength] 8:11 am: i will have it sorted by next time
    [bris83] 8:11 am: is picking four exercises and working on relative strenght in the morning then hypertophy with the same four exercises
    in the evening
    [ashley] 8:12 am: I have a lock who is doing just that at present with good results 2.5 kg in a month
    [bris83] 8:12 am: i have tried it 3 times now and had good gains,
    [bris83] 8:12 am: you alternate between 1 day training wice and then then next day once for 5 days
    [bris83] 8:13 am: twice
    ashley] 8:13 am: he is chest & back x 2 on moinday, lower tues, shoulders arms on wed adn power thurs
    [bris83] 8:13 am: you have to hammer the calories and protein in though on such a routine
    [ashley] 8:14 am: so 6 sessions a week in season
    [bris83] 8:14 am: nice
    [ashley] 8:14 am: yes indeed, BCAA’s through th eworkpout
    [ashley] 8:14 am: a full pre, peri and post nutritionset up
    [bris83] 8:14 am: yea that works nicely, we also started using beta alanine
    [ashley] 8:15 am: us as well
    [ashley] 8:15 am: it is now in my top 3 supplememnts
    [bris83] 8:16 am: still cant beat fish oil!!! Ill take it till the day idea-awesome supplement!
    [ashley] 8:16 am: meta phyics a Christchurch based ccompany is great for beta alanie, agree fish oils are in the top 3 as well
    [bris83] 8:16 am: day i die!
    [ashley] 8:17 am: I have upper my persoanl use to a minimum of 20gms a day and feel great
    [bris83] 8:17 am: We have also just started doing our power weights session as a primer for our team run on the friday-works well
    [ashley] 8:17 am: seems to help everything
    [bris83] 8:17 am: 20gms-good work, some of our fat boys were on 30 in pre-season-constantly smelt of fish!
    [ashley] 8:18 am: persoanlly do not believe in primers for rugby as the effects are so short term
    [bris83] 8:19 am: yea we used to do it 2 years ago before games (about 1hr before) but i struggled with it. We do it before our team run
    more out of scheduling than anything else!
    [ashley] 8:19 am: but if it give them a sense of confidence then that is good as well
    [bris83] 8:20 am: Well Im gonna open up the floor to questions from our guest now-see it is the best way to go-fire away lads!
    [bris83] 8:20 am: guests!
    [ashley] 8:21 am: last night down south we discussed the tendo at length any thoguhts
    [bris83] 8:21 am: tendo unit?
    [ashley] 8:22 am: any ideas on speeds for ballistic work such as b***h throws and jump squats
    [ashley] 8:22 am: power monitoring device
    [ashley] 8:22 am: fitrodyne sports performacne out of Slovakia
    [bris83] 8:23 am: to be honest with you i have had no exeperience with it, I know England use it, altough that doesnt give it much of an
    [bris83] 8:23 am: we havent got one mainly due to budgets and previous regimes, but im all ears
    [ashley] 8:23 am: some of the speed louie talks about are speed strength .8 – 1.0 m/sec and strength speed .6 – .7 m/sec
    [bris83] 8:23 am: how often do you use it?
    [ashley] 8:23 am: costas less the 1,000 pounds
    [ashley] 8:24 am: primarily on our designated power day to adjust load for speed
    [bris83] 8:24 am: so do you just have one or serveral?
    [ashley] 8:24 am: in the past I have used a 3 week cycle 60 – 70 80 per cent
    [ashley] 8:24 am: just one at present but may get 2 more next season
    [ashley] 8:25 am: 3 x 5 @ 60, 4 x 4 at 70% and week 3 5 x 3 at 80%
    [bris83] 8:25 am: could you explain the sessions breakdown and how excatly you used it?
    [bris83] 8:26 am: thanks
    [ashley] 8:26 am: but now want to go 3x 5 at ballistic speed maybe 1.3 m/sec, 4 x 4 at speed strength 1.0 m/sec and final week 5 x 3
    strength speed at .6 m/sec
    [willo] 8:26 am: What do you do on your off days to maximise recovery, do you concentrate more on static stretching or mobility
    exercises or just move around to get the blood flushing??? do you still use contrast jumps etc on your power days during the season or
    is it player/condition dependant???
    [ashley] 8:26 am: so load becomes less imprtnatas we focus on velocity
    [bris83] 8:27 am: all my power work is player dependent, on the players days off i dont see them so couldnt tell you what they do. After
    a game we do 6 times through on contrast b***h ing then some massage the day after
    [ashley] 8:27 am: player conditon dependant, reecovery surfing. light work swinning, yoga, strect class
    [ashley] 8:27 am: no contrasts late in the week only Tuesday for some players
    [bris83] 8:28 am: oh ok, and how does it work practically with 1 unit and a gym with say10-15 at a time?
    [bris83] 8:28 am: 10-15 players
    [ashley] 8:28 am: we select players and see where they are and move it around not perfect but a start
    [ashley] 8:29 am: ideally 3 units would be perfeect
    [bris83] 8:29 am: do you recoomend any basic research as a starting point for anyone to read-like me!
    [ashley] 8:30 am: any of Rob Newton’s work, he did a great presentation at the ASCA conference in Aussie last Nov
    [bris83] 8:30 am: ok, will try and look it up
    [ashley] 8:30 am: http://www.strengthandconditioning.org
    [bris83] 8:30 am: yea thanks, i check their website out from time to time

    PART 2

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