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    PART 2

    [simon] 7:30 pm: The bain of my life mate, especially when it comes from those that have never lifted!
    [ashley] 7:30 pm: that accounts for most of them
    [ashley] 7:31 pm: most are aerobic athletes or nothing at all
    [getstrength] 7:31 pm: Yes we all love them arm chair weight lifters
    [dunne10] 7:33 pm: I know core stability and strength are vital for any movement. What are your favourites to use
    [simon] 7:33 pm: Its the great challenge of programming for rugby, yes we are a running sport, but its no good being super fit if you can’t win the
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    [ashley] 7:34 pm: any ideas on ballistic speeds, I have data on speed strength at .8 – 1.0 metres per second, and strength speed at .6 – .7 m/sec but
    nothing on ballistics
    [getstrength] 7:34 pm: Hi Callummahoney, welcome
    [ashley] 7:34 pm: as to core we try and get most of our training through lifting
    [simon] 7:35 pm: Sorry mate, haven’t seen any data for ballistic speed
    [ashley] 7:35 pm: loaded core work rollouts, turkish get up and the like
    [ashley] 7:35 pm: cheers simon, I am thinking probably 1.25 m/sec
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    [ashley] 7:36 pm: since the data on power clean is 1.25 and power snatch is 1.5
    [ashley] 7:36 pm: I want to look at b***h rhows and jump squats as an example
    [ashley] 7:37 pm: that was b***h throws
    [getstrength] 7:37 pm: thats a strange one.
    [bennyryan1996] 7:37 pm: I was reading on t-nation that most of major lifts such as squats and deadlifts
    have more of a posterior core development effect. Any thoughts of whether additonal anterior core work is
    [ashley] 7:37 pm: interesting blocking devise
    [simon] 7:38 pm: I know that Lyn (Jones) has done a bit of work on this with some of the lifters he used to
    [ashley] 7:38 pm: well when you squat you push out and stabilse so I would think there is a huge anterior
    component as well
    [bennyryan1996] 7:39 pm: sounds fair
    [ashley] 7:39 pm: still believe in what Dan Baker said if you can squat 200 and power clean 140 your core
    will be strong enough
    [bennyryan1996] 7:40 pm: good point
    [getstrength] 7:41 pm: Ok guys fire away, meeting comes to an end in 5mins
    [ashley] 7:41 pm: Simon getting back to my use of the Tendo I may change my session around and
    instead of week 1 being 3 x 5 at 60%, I will use 3 x 5 at a ballistic speed 1.5 m/sec
    [simon] 7:41 pm: Couldn’t agree more with you Ash, there’s not too many top end Olympic lifters with
    ‘weak’ cores
    [ashley] 7:41 pm: then week 2 will be 4 x 4 at speed strength speed .8 – 1.0 m/sec
    [getstrength] 7:42 pm: what a tool to have mate
    [ashley] 7:42 pm: and week 3 will be 5 x 3 at strength speed .6 – .7 m/sec
    [ashley] 7:42 pm: yes it is a wonderful device and relatively inexpensive
    [simon] 7:43 pm: What effect will that have on the weight used? I do something similar with the boys but at
    this stage it is like yourself before the tendo based on % and my eye
    [ashley] 7:44 pm: well it will indiviualise to each player as to where they are at that point in time
    [ashley] 7:44 pm: far more accurate but a trained eye is still required
    [dunne10] 7:44 pm: In the off season how many lower body speed power sessions would you perform a week?
    ashley] 7:45 pm: depends on who you are how long you have been training and what is your position
    [ashley] 7:45 pm: but roughly 1 or 2 a week
    [getstrength] 7:45 pm: Last question guys!
    [dunne10] 7:45 pm: Half back 3 years
    [ashley] 7:45 pm: okay guys time for me to go to bed
    [simon] 7:45 pm: I like how it allows you to be totally specific
    [ashley] 7:45 pm: 1 a week for you dunne
    [ashley] 7:46 pm: concentrate on getting bigger and stornger aqt the same time
    [dunne10] 7:46 pm: Cheers, good night. Thanks for all the info!!!
    [ashley] 7:46 pm: sorry my spelling is in direct inverse to my speed of typing
    [bennyryan1996] 7:46 pm: yeah thanks for the info, cya later
    [getstrength] 7:46 pm: Thank you all for coming.
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    [simon] 7:47 pm: Thanks fellas
    [bennyryan1996] 7:47 pm: Im off too, thanks everyone bye

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