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Minutes From Platinum Round Table Meeting For The Southern Hemisphere 25/02/09

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    Platinum Round Table Meeting For The Southern Hemisphere

    Date: 25th Feb 2009

    Time: 7 – 7.45pm NZ Standard Time

    Topic: Power Training

    Welcome! You have entered [Platinum Round Table] at 6:58 pm
    [getstrength] 6:58 pm: Welcome Mate
    [ashley] 6:59 pm: cheers bro, let us see how this goes, eh
    [getstrength] 6:59 pm: )
    [Platinum Round Table]: simon has entered at 7:00 pm
    [getstrength] 7:00 pm: Welcome to the Platinum Round Table Meeting

    …No swearing!

    …Please keep questions and answers brief

    …Please stick to the topic “Power Training”
    [ashley] 7:00 pm: g’day simon
    [getstrength] 7:00 pm: Hi Simon
    [simon] 7:01 pm: Hi Guys
    [ashley] 7:01 pm: you all may have seen the speeds for the tendo unit from Louie
    [ashley] 7:01 pm: we have played with the percentages of max and have come up with some interesting
    [getstrength] 7:02 pm: Sounds interesting
    [ashley] 7:02 pm: as expected our weaker players require a lower percentage of max to reach the speeds
    than our stronger lifters
    [ashley] 7:03 pm: we have been using band assisted squats and have found that to acieve a speed of .6 – .7
    for strength speed and using the big blue bands our experienced guys can use up to 125%
    [simon] 7:04 pm: are you using the unit to program or simple as a guide mate?
    [ashley] 7:04 pm: whilst our inexperienced guys will use around 90 – 100% of ther best squat
    [ashley] 7:04 pm: we use the unit to get the correct weight to reach the speeds we want
    [ashley] 7:05 pm: problem is we are getting average velocities and not peak velocities
    [getstrength] 7:05 pm: How long have you playing with the unit? Thats huge
    [ashley] 7:05 pm: just about 4 weeks now
    [getstrength] 7:07 pm: Is it similar to the V-Scope
    [ashley] 7:07 pm: we like to use on our thursday workout since this is our designated power day
    [ashley] 7:07 pm: not really the V scope is a lot more advanced only wish I could get that to play with
    and compare
    [Platinum Round Table]: dunne10 has entered at 7:07 pm
    [getstrength] 7:07 pm: Hi dunne10
    [ashley] 7:08 pm: fire away guys
    [simon] 7:08 pm: has introducing the tendo shown that you were far off in the weights that you precribed
    before you had the unit to tell you the velocity?
    [Platinum Round Table]: bennyryan1996 has entered at 7:09 pm
    [ashley] 7:09 pm: yes mate quite a ways off as I worked on aroundf 80% forthe last workout of my cycle
    being 5 x 3 @ 80% of max
    [ashley] 7:09 pm: and now we may only use 60% for this workout
    [ashley] 7:10 pm: also if a player is a wee bit flat we can adjust the load based on speed
    [getstrength] 7:10 pm: Hi Bennyryan1996 welcome.
    [bennyryan1996] 7:10 pm: hi everyone
    [simon] 7:10 pm: That can be a fair difference for the stronger guys
    [dunne10] 7:10 pm: What are the best exercises to incorporate into a speed power program to improve
    acceleration/of the mark explosive speed for a half back?
    [ashley] 7:11 pm: hey there, just read thorugh the previous repsonses to bring yourselves up to date with
    where we are
    [ashley] 7:11 pm: all olympic movments
    [dunne10] 7:11 pm: Cool
    [ashley] 7:11 pm: squats as well but done dynamically
    [bennyryan1996] 7:11 pm: power clean has been shown to correlate with acceleration of the mark
    [ashley] 7:12 pm: always attempt accelerate the concentric
    [ashley] 7:12 pm: no matter what the load
    [ashley] 7:13 pm: also plyometric movements, repeat jumps, box jumps rebound jumps
    [ashley] 7:13 pm: we often use these as contrasts to our weight movements
    [getstrength] 7:14 pm: Ash do you still prescribe Wide Stance Speed Box Squats?
    [dunne10] 7:14 pm: Cheers, exactly what I was looking for.
    [ashley] 7:14 pm: we have never done wide stance, always normal stance
    [ashley] 7:14 pm: but yes they are a mainstay of our program
    [ashley] 7:14 pm: especially with bands, or chains or weight releasers
    [ashley] 7:15 pm: on our power day we have 4 racks set up
    [getstrength] 7:15 pm: So a narrow to shoulder width stance? Why not the wide stance? To hard on the
    [ashley] 7:16 pm: one for band box squats one for band assisted squats, one for jump squats and one
    for 1/4 explosive squats
    [ashley] 7:16 pm: yes mate the hips gte hammered and we do not wear support briefs
    [ashley] 7:16 pm: alos we are a running sport
    [bennyryan1996] 7:17 pm: Hey Ash, ive read that box sqauts can be pretty dangerous if your technique
    is bad? do you have any technical pointers to avoid chronic or acute injury?
    [ashley] 7:18 pm: really what they say at west side, really keep the chest up puch the hips backl not
    down and keep tight
    [getstrength] 7:18 pm: Yea thats a important point, wide stance squatting is done with a power brief or
    power suit.lot of people don’t realise this when writing there program for athletes.
    [ashley] 7:18 pm: don’t realx on the box and try not to rock back
    [ashley] 7:19 pm: pause on the box then explode with al you have coming off the box
    [simon] 7:19 pm: Its amazing how many guys relax on the box, keeping the trunk ‘tight’ is critical
    [bennyryan1996] 7:20 pm: oh ok
    [ashley] 7:20 pm: yes mate they just collapse through the core and it is al over
    [getstrength] 7:20 pm: Thats for sure
    [dunne10] 7:20 pm: When performing box ups as a contrast what is the difference between seated to
    box jump and standing to box jump with regards to what they are achieving?
    [ashley] 7:20 pm: The band assisted work has been great
    [ashley] 7:21 pm: at least 10 – 15 cms less with the seated version
    [ashley] 7:22 pm: it has taken us about 3 years to get to depth jumps versions so hasten slowly as you
    move up th eintensity continuum
    [dunne10] 7:22 pm: Bu do they b***h achieve them same thing with regards actual power development?
    [getstrength] 7:22 pm: Ash how many of your athletes train in weightlifting shoes, not sneakers?
    [getstrength] 7:23 pm: Sorry jumped in
    [ashley] 7:23 pm: dunne I do not really know as we would need a force platform to accurately arses s
    that is on my shopping list
    [dunne10] 7:23 pm: No worries
    [ashley] 7:24 pm: we only have about 3 in shoes, we are in discussion with adidas to get all in shoes a
    once off issue when they become super rugby players
    [ashley] 7:24 pm: they make a huge difference
    [simon] 7:25 pm: I’ve managed to get nearly all of my boys into weightlifting shoes, adidas finally came
    to the party! Makes a massive difference
    [ashley] 7:25 pm: yes you do not take the field in running shoes so why go to the gym in them
    [getstrength] 7:26 pm: Its still amazes me, they play rugby in rugby boots they should be weight lifting in
    weight lifting shoes. Yes its makes a huge differents,
    [dunne10] 7:26 pm: What about when you perform contrast sets, do you have to change shoes
    [getstrength] 7:26 pm: Hahah good point
    [ashley] 7:26 pm: cost is the major factor
    [ashley] 7:26 pm: yes indeed we change every set
    [getstrength] 7:26 pm: true. good ponit
    [simon] 7:27 pm: Going back a step, any trouble with tight piriformis from box squatting?
    [ashley] 7:27 pm: I am hopeful that we will have all our guys inthem next off season
    [ashley] 7:28 pm: not really if it is tight stretch it and get it massaged do not use it as an excuse not to
    box squat
    [simon] 7:28 pm: Fair point
    [dunne10] 7:29 pm: Using a tennis ball to loosen out your piriformis is good. Check out the video on
    youtube of how to do it
    [ashley] 7:29 pm: there are quite a few doctors and physios out there that remove exercises out of
    programs at the first sign of a slight problem
    [ashley] 7:29 pm: luckily we do not have them
    [ashley] 7:29 pm: yes fair point even better with a golf ball in a rugby sock

    PART 2

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