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    Just an idea that I have had really to trial and see if it produces the results I am after but it supports my concept of a couple of years ago of a workout with a set and rep series that work the three key areas of:

    Neural – Mechanical – Metabolic

    hence a modification of a progam I posted recently:

    8 x 3 first exercise, compound, all sets above 85% after warm ups

    4 x 6 second exercise, compound, all sets above 75%

    2 x 12 third exercise, isolation or compound, both sets abover 60%

    hence a weekly schedule would look like:

    Monday – Quad dominant shoulders

    Safety Bar Squat, Cambered Bar Box Squat, Leg Extension
    Standing Bradford Military complex, Seated DB Shoulder Press, DB Lateral Raise

    Tuesday – Chest Back

    Flat Bench Press s/s Bent Row
    DB Incline Bench Press s/s Weighted Chins
    Dips s/s Horizontal Chins

    Wednesday – Olympic or Hamstring/Lower Back

    Snatch, Cleans, Stone/Keg Cleans to alternate shoulders


    Deadlift, Good Morning, Glut Ham Raise

    Thursday – Quad dominant shoulders

    Front Squat, Back Squat, Leg Press
    Push Press, Hammer Military, Bent Over Lateral Raise

    Friday – Chest Back

    Incline Bench Press Prone Row
    DB Bench Press ONe Arm DB Row
    Chins Low INcline DB Flyes

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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