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    Hey there, often I forget how old I am, I love the phrase `How old would you be if you never knew how old you was?` expecially since I did one of those Facebook quizes and it calculated that I was actually 25 years old, and it must be correct since it was on facebook, right, well that is why it is great to have such good friends and colleagues such as Damian Marsh who reminds me that I am 48 and Luke Thornley who tells me it is a younger trainers game these days, thanks guys, but seriously Damian came up with a sage piece of advice for one so young, when he suggested and I agree that possibly older trainees may benefit from a down load every second week, so week 1 & 2 hit each body part, from my program listed the other day, twice a week and then in week 3 back off and only hit each muscle group just the once, for those older trainees out there a revised program:

    Weeks 1 & 2

    Monday/Thursday – Legs/Shoulders
    Tuesday/Friday – Chest/Back
    Wednesday/Saturday – Glutes/Hamstrings/Lower Back

    Week 3

    Monday – Shoulders
    Tuesday – Legs
    Wednesday – Back
    Thursday – Chest
    Friday – Hamstrings/Glutes/Lower Back

    cheers guys, ash

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