Program variations

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    Program variations

    Ashley Jones

    From reading various posts over the last few weeks I thought I would add this to the mix for comment and consideration, an attempt to train at various positions along the force velocity continuum to ensure that all aspects of strength are trained concurrently, particularly in light of posts in reference to post activation potentiation and the development of lower body power and strength.


    Select from any of the following as a primer or post the next category a la my favourite all time training video of Swiss (from memory) Shot putter Werner Gunthor (spelling ?) (see you tube),

    4 – 6 sets of 6 reps:

    Depth jump variations; to vertical jump, to horizontal jump, onto another box

    Box Jumps from standing or seated on another box

    Repeat hurdle or box jumps

    Knees to feet jump variations; with a bar in a back squat, snatch or clean start position or with DB’s in hands or unloaded with arm swing or without ie; hands on hips or behind neck

    Super set this with

    Speed/Strength (25% – 40% loading – light and fast) 4 – 6 sets of 6 reps

    Select from any of the following:

    Blocks with bar set at knee height; cleans or snatches or pulls

    Reactive jump squats with bar or kettle bells (KB)

    DB or KB swings

    Strength/Speed (60% – 80% – actual or attempted acceleration) 6 – 8 sets of 3 to 6 reps

    Select from any of the following:

    Snatch or Clean or Pulls from the floor

    Band, chain or weight release Box Squats

    Band Dead lifts

    Maximal Strength (80 % – Marsh protocols, or waves, clusters, 3 week loading cycle, changing each session)

    Choose one from each of the two categories:

    Squat options and Hamstring/Lower Back options: whatever you have available in your gym, in our gym we can do the following:

    Download here!

    Damian Marsh Protocols

    Either within the one workout or over a period of weeks, changing each week

    Set 1: 1 x 6 @ 77.5% – 82.5%

    Set 2: 1 x 3/3 @ 82.5% – 87.5% .

    Set 3: 1 x 2/2/2 @ 87.5% – 92.5%

    Set 4: 1 x 1/1/1/1/1/1 @ 92.5% – 97.5%

    Hope you find something of interest within this article, again any errors of logic are mine and mine alone, cheers, ashley

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