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    Hi Ashley,

    Firstly, great site. I have learned a lot since joining a few months ago. I’m currently studying sports rehabilitation and will be entering my final year in September. I’ve become increasingly interested in strength and conditioning and have started doing a bit of reading. It seems that there are a vast amount of different opinions regarding haow to train etc.
    I was wondering what books / journals you would recommend to properly educate oneself in strength and conditioning. I have currently read 2 of Christian Thibaudeau’s books, Milo, Loui Simmons, and Science and Practice of Strength Training is on the way.




    Cheers Greg, appreciate your comments and very true there are many
    different ways to achieve the results that you want, web sites such as:





    As far as books are concerned:

    All the Russian manuals on strength training

    Anything by Thibaudeau, Poliquin, Ian King, Matt Furey

    You could not go wrong by trolling through the titles that they sell on
    Elite FTS which is really a great collection of what Louie has read and
    reccomends, go well, ash

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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