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    Firstly just a quick thanks to all who gave me some excellent help on catching position, the flexibility is coming on. I think it’s about time I progressed and integrated the barbell snatch into my training. I’ve been doing overhead squats and DB hanging snatches to try and get used to the feeling, just thought I’d see if any helpful experiences were out there.

    Thanks again.


    i’ve found push jerks to be quite useful for developing the snatch (i’ve come across them called push drops, push unders, drop unders amongst other things)

    stand with a bar across your shoulders as if squatting. set hands to snatch width (although try it with a clean-width grip to get the feel of it first). bend the knees into a 1/4 squat, as if about to perform a behind-the-neck push press and then drive the bar up to full arm extension whilst at the same time dropping under the bar into an overhead squat position.

    stand up from this overhead squat position to complete the lift.

    i’ve found they’re a good progression from the overhead squat (which are usually slow and controlled) to a more dynamic way to practice the catch or receiving position.

    hope this helps,
    cheers, tom.


    Hi Tom, yes one of the best movements to teach and strengthen the receiving of the Snatch lift, can also be done as a splt variation as well, Olympic lifting terms these assistant movments, Snatch Balance, with the teaching cues of Dip, Drive, Drop, cheers, ash


    Hi Lloydy,

    A vid of the snatch balance.

    Obviously start with a dowel rod first and make sure you can behind-the-neck press and OH squat.

    The following vid is prob better for you to learn some of the movement patterns and progressions. Sometimes we’ll do 5 rounds of 5 reps each with a dowel rod as part of our warm up: has some ok demo vids on there too for the o-lifts.

    Cheers, hope this is helpful.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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