strength/power or power/strength?

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    Yeah reckon you nailed it there Ash, some progs look highly impressive as do pitches covered in cones with fancy drills but are they effective? Get the basics right, keep it simple and let the talent do the rest!!



    as always – ash is on the money – its like trying to follow the footsteps of a giant!

    One reason some coaches have promoted the idea of heavy lifting followed by speed/power work is the concept of postactivation potentiation – basically if you load a muscle with a decent amount (85% 1rm or greater) and give it time to recover its next contraction (and therefore speed/power) will be faster.

    Its a good concept – but like all theories its limited – not everyone shows this potentiation and everyone varies in how much recovery time they need. In welsh rugby players a recent study suggested recovery time between the heavy training and the power increase took anywhere from 3 to 12 mins (12 min is a long time to hang around waiting!)

    The above two individual variations could be why it works for some and not for others – best bet – experiment!! Progress comes from being brave but combining that with being analytical. Incidentally if you compete play around with this concept relative to your warm-up and the time between the heavy part of the warm-up and your lifts …. (even if you do have down time – stay warm – very warm ….. elevating your muscle temperature 1 degrees gives you around 50Watts extra power …. hope on an erg bike if you wnat to see what 50W looks like!)

    Remember – the brain is a muscle that can move the world – it can sure change yours if you use it right!!!


    If you all get a chance try and see the “Big Rocks” posted by shivalinh on you tube, I have always tried to stick to the simple and basic and tried to do them as well as I can, as i like to say I have never had an original thought in my life but I sure have read from a lot of people who have and have just modified and taken what i have understood to be the key points and then trialled them on myself before either writing them down or giving them to my players, as in most aspects of training and life in general why attempt differential calculus when you have not mastered your 7 times table, exhaust and perfect the basics and you will already be ahead, so no giant steps just a lot of tiny little ones,cheers, ash


    Following Ash’s last post: Here is the video


    great video ash.

    i’ve heard a similar one where the big stones are family and the things that make you happy, then some smaller pebbles are your job and other constraints on your time then sand is all the little jobs that take up your day.

    it seems like the jar is full but then you pour water into the mix and it fills up all the space between the sand which shows no matter how busy your life there’s always time for a beer with a mate!


    Ah yes that is even better, always room for a beer with a mate in your busy schedule like your style, ashley


    if you need inspiration at any time …

    have a look at the story of Dustin Carter

    this boy defines the credo of sport!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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