The 1-Armed Man’s 7s Tournament

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    .pdf attached at the bottom of this thread

    We have a player in our 7s squad who will be a big asset of ours at the nationals in January, we have a qualifying tournament this weekend but he can’t play as he has a mild shoulder issue (rotator cuff)

    We are holding him back this weekend from the tournament but don’t want him getting too far behind on conditioning

    I felt like being a bit more creative than giving him some of the usual spin bike intervals etc.

    So I have given him a gym based 7’s tournament replacement for the weekend. Which he will do over the 2 days…

    Day 1 = Games 1-3
    Day 2 = Games 4-6

    Its condensed with shorter breaks between “games” than he would get at the real tournament but there is no contact element etc and realistically I can’t expect him to do 3x 15-20 minute sessions in a day over the weekend and have hours off in between trying to fill the time as he lives a fair way from the gym.

    So both days are squeezed into being completed in under 2 hours but gaining a tournament style conditioning effect.

    His upper body is completely removed from the equation in a couple of ways that we came up with during an ‘ideas session’ at the gym today to see what we could do as exercises within physio guidelines for his shoulder but stressing his legs in various ways.

    I kept the Work:Rest intervals very basic and easy to time as well as all exercises very simple and requiring very limited set up

    An important part of the programme is that almost all “games” finish with a progressively increasing intensity effort. This is in accordance with our policy of working harder to push through this time rather than fading away in effort.
    With the only exception being the “2nd half” of the “semi final” where he it was planned he would be rested to be our main ‘speed man’ in the final.
    So this is reflected in a different “2nd half” protocol for this game.

    The FLUSH STRETCH HYDRATE along with following our post game nutrition protocols post each “game” session mean that he still gets the same education and practice in forming the same good habits moving towards the main tournament as the guys playing in this one.

    Any feedback is welcome and of course I’ll get his feedback on how it went when I get back after the tournament this weekend!


    For anybody who may be interested, our post game nutrition and recovery in tournament is:
    STEP 1:
    Immediately post game
    Water Walk Mobility Circuit
    STEP 2:
    Back in tent
    200ml Chocolate Milk 8x Jet Plane Lollies
    STEP 3:
    Within 30mins post game
    500ml Powerade with added 5g Glutamine and 5g Leucine Musashi SLM Bar
    STEP 4:
    Available all day in the tent in between games
    Bananas Fruit Juice Fruit/Nut Mix Carbohydrate Gels
    Dynamic Stretch Bands Cold Wet Towels (if hot weather)

    The only change to the above after the final game of the day is a switch from the Powerade added extras to using Musashi Creatine Recovery Stack. 500ml per player

    Around all team meals we also have a smoothie made with:
    – Trim Milk
    – Whey Protein
    – Mixed Berries
    – Strawberry Milkshake Powder
    – Banana

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