The Rule of 24

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    Hi Ashley,

    Long time lurker here on the site, there is some really good quality info! 🙂

    The more I train over time (natural competitive bodybuilder of 15years ) , the more Im interested in simplifying things and making them more efficient accordingly…to the point I have come almost fullcircle training 4 days only a week and full body-type splits etc

    As such I am especially interested in your “Rule of 24” and am wondering if you have anything I can refer to specifically or in a research context that further expands upon your observations when you say?…

    “Many years of talking and reading have led me to the conclusion that 24 reps in whatever combination you wish to program is a valid method of increasing size and strength”….

    Or whether this topic is covered in greater detail perhaps in your Ebook?

    One way or the other, I find it a fascinating topic 🙂

    Many thanks
    Rede Frisby

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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