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    colin barrett


    I have just joined getstrength and have to say it is the best resource of rugby conditioning information I have came across.

    I am now playing my rugby in the UK having relocated from Ireland, my last 2 years of rugby has very been interrupted as result I am need of a little extra conditioing work, the season has just ended here and I’m looking to put in allot of gym work in over the next 8 weeks my main goals are to gain explosive power & strength and to gain size.

    I play blindside flanker 6’2″, 98kg, 25y/o I can train 3-4 evenings a week and 2 mornings a week, I also train with a local rugby league to help with fitness, can you recommend a suitabable weights programme that will help get these reults before the union pre-season starts.




    Thanks Colin, well hopefully you have had a chance to scroll through the
    various programs that have been posted on the site, I would be rehashing
    quite a bit to write a program for you, the work I have written for
    sexyopenside would be most applicable for you as well, if you check that
    one out and get back to me after you have read that and see if you
    feel it is useful, maybe Steve Thompson can re-direct you to that or
    actually send you a PDF of that article, cheers, ashley


    Hi Colin, you would want to read this complete thread.

    All programs have a print option.


    colin barrett

    Cheers Guys

    there is so much info on here it was just difficult to know what would be the best starting point for off-season, thanks again


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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