With some improvisation tonight we had a bit of fun.

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    With some improvisation tonight we had a bit of fun.

    Worked up to a set of 3 reps at 140kg on the Bench Press with the 2inch Thick Bar plus 2 inch block and foam.

    Had a bit of foam left over from an upholstery job we have been doing. So I attached 100mm block of foam to my 2 inch wood block with a old knee wrap lying round.

    Great exercise.

    Followed by something I sore on Youtue.com

    Using the Tricep Bar (Football Bar) 10 reps on each grip no rest. (10 x Narrow 10 x Middle 10 x Wide x 4 Sets. Worked up to a max weight of 40kg (Just got the reps)

    7 x 8 reps D.B Tricep Extensions 10 sec rest

    D.B Seated Clean 3 x 10

    Hammer Curls 4 x 10

    Then home for Sushi and Sake


    Im having a hard time increasing weight on db extensions, im training at home and with the combinations of weights i can go from 17.5kg to 22kg, with 17.5 i can go 4×12 but with 22 i struggle to do one, sould i just drop the exercise for bb extensions?


    Hi Prop,

    Great way to resolve this issue would be platemates, they are a magnetic weight to attach small incremental weights to your D.Bs.

    You should always be mixing up the variation of tricep extensions you are doing, yes one way would be crossing over to a BB.

    Also look at variations with the D.B’s examples:

    D.B Extension to a Press
    D.B Extensions elbows out
    D.B Extensions elbows in
    Floor Extensions
    Incline Extensions elbows out
    Incline Extensions elbows in
    Decline Extensions elbows out
    Decline Extensions elbows in
    Extension to the throat or over the eyes behind the head etc

    Lots of different options its up to you imagination.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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