Work out of the week 7 April 2008

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    Hi guys,

    Just completed the reverse of an earlier workout logged on here, more volume on the slower pressing movements for size and strength, and also a good change of pace:

    5 x 3 High block ower clean military press s/s with 3 box jumps

    4 x 2 Low block power clean push press s/s with 2 box jumps

    3 x 1 Power clean split jerk from the floor s/s with 1 box jump

    felt great, slowly building back up in strength,hit a new best for the year single on the final rep and did 1 jump to 80 cms, getting my confidence back after skinning my shins on an attempt a few weeks ago, haha, go well, ash

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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