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    10 mins of various sled pulling: sideways, backwards, forwards, straight arm, bent arm drags etc.

    150 hammer strikes on tyre with 14lb hammer

    100 5kg med ball slams

    3×15 ab pull downs with heavy band

    3×5 reverse hyper (adjusting to unilateral machine)

    10x30s on 30s off on level 6 on grappler (rope pulling machine)


    Great session, thanks for sharing your ideas, I love that Grappler machine, ash


    The grappler is one of those cardio machines that you just want to have access to all the time, particularly for lower body injured players, I put it right up there with my all time favourite the Versa Climber and of course the Concept II rower, here is a picture of the Grappler taken from there web site, cheers, ash



    to echo your thoughts, it is probably the best ‘machine’ we have at our gym in terms of how it is used by injured players and also as a hypertrophy tool. Worth every penny!


    Hi all in regards to the grappler machine what type of workouts do you use for 1. Cardio workouts and 2. Strength/hypertrophy weight training sessions?

    Any suggestions/ideas sample workouts would be great.

    Cheers Ben


    Session 1-20 pulls at each level. Rest for 60s. Complete 8 sets.

    Session 2-20 pulls at level 6. 1 press-up, 20 pulls, 2 press-ups and so on until you get 10 press-ups. Take the rest where you need it.

    Session 3-30s on, 30s off at level 4,6 and 8. Rest for 60s. Complete 8 sets.

    You can also use it as a finisher after upper body weight sessions, say do 100 pulls, 200 pulls etc, the combinations are endless!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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