Re: Any tips for a newbie?


No worries Tom.

As to which lift is better? I think the answer is both….and none. I like the clean at certain times because there is more load involved hitting more than strength end of the power curve than speed. However, I also like the snatch for the opposite reasons. Faster, quicker lift. Also don’t forget the split leg varieties. There are also times when I use something different like a jump squat due to variation or because the athlete might not be proficient in the Olympic lifts. Remember that all lifting is a means to an end unless you are an Olympic lifter or Power lifter. We also do a lot of our cleans and snatches from the hang/blocks because I don’t think many of the players hold good posture from the bottom position.

But you want an answer don’t you! The Power Snatch because players often can’t can’t into a good clean catching position due to wrist flexibility/injuries catching the bar above head is excellent for shoulder strength and stability.