Re: Brad Thorn


Hi Gareth, well what can I say about Brad Thorn, he had the best s & c coach in Australia developing him whilst at the Broncos, he is extremely strong, 170 kg bench press, very deep squat with close to 200kg, a whisker away from 140kg power clean, so a full package, he mainatains a good weight around 113kg, we do a lot more power work with him this time around back in Rugby, a lot of contrast work as well, aerobically he is very good as well, he really listens to his body more these days being a little older and wiser, he does everything that we have in our program but we talk alot as to where he is physically and then modify if he heeds to, he spends most of time of the basics and he is a model to all players let alone young players that the basics done very well with passion will get you along way, so nothing really special or magic but hard consistent work over a long period of time, cheers, ashley

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