Re: Conjunctive training as opposed to periodised training


In rugby we have to be at our best with an extensive range of bio motor qualities to be firing at the same time, it is not a pure sport such as hammer throw or 400m hurdles, it is a mixed metabolic sport, it is a mixed strength quality sport, it is a mixed speed sport, scceleration components, agility and top end speed so in order that all these qualities are developing I train them more or less concurrently. We monitor players subjectively each week in season but most of our workis done off and pre season adn we are just tinkering each week to ensure players are fresh to play on game day, as to how I get the correct mix it is the balance of art and experience, knowing your athletes and being with them and them responding when you ask one to pull back and the other to go harder, trust and respect built up over a number of years are as essential as knowledge of science, cheers, ash

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