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Try and read some of the work by Mike Boyle or Dr Stuart Mcgill.

I am sure your training will benefit greatly. I shudder when I read some of the programs on this site that advocate windmills, side bends, and explosive rotation. The strength world has changed and it is time that people changed with it.

You can find some of their stuff at

or at Mikes site

The later is a pay site, worth it many times over.

Here are some links to get you started. Boyle&pageNo=1

Hope this helps


Hi Andrew

Firstly Mike Boyle prescribes a lot of the above exercises however he stresses the importance of limiting the amount of rotation through the lumbar spine, as well as any overstretching which may destabilise the low back. Maybe you can ask Mike if it’s a good thing to have jumping cartoon men demonstrating all his exercises (including windmills and side-bends).

As far as quoting “the core exists to resist rotation , absorb and distribute force” sit with you ?… I am sure this is was written with regards to most daily activities, not playing a game of rugby. And I am sure it is ok to incorparate some rotary strength/power work whilst training for a sport which requires rotary strength and power.

The work of MacGill, Sahrman, DeRosa etc. will always clash with most strength coaches around the world, not to say that they are wrong but there will always be a gap between some text books and the real world.

C’mon just look at the athletes these guys are producing, there is no need at all to criticise this site.


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