Re: help with program plz!


Hi Benny I would go with what Damian has contributed as far as your speed program is concerned and I would structure you week like this, I would cut out the continuous aerobic runs immediately and mix them up by doing some flat intervals, hill repeats, you can do anaerobic work to improve your aerobic ability so do not kill off what you naturally possess, speed, by doing too much aerobic work:

Monday – speed program then strength or push strength to pm

Tuesday – intervals on rugby field recovery swim or yoga/stretch class

wk 1 – 200 m (up and back) in 40 seconds rest 20 secs then 100 m in 20 secs rest 40 secs x 15
wk 2 – 30 x 100 m in <17 secs every 60 secs
wk 3 – sprint hard 50 m ease up walk to far end turn and sprint 50 m ease up and walk recovery repeat x 20

Wednesday – strength program

Thursday – Hill Repeats recovery swim or yoga/stretch class

wk 1 – 5 minutes warm up then 10 x 1 minute hard with a 1 minute walk back recovery, 10 x 30 seconds hard with a 30 seconds walk back recovery
wk 2 – 5 minutes warm up then 15 x 45 seconds hard with 45 seconds walk back recovery, 20 x 15 seconds with 30 seconds walk back
wk 3 – 5 minutes warm up then, ladder 15 secs hard 15 secs walk back 30 secs hard 30 secs walk back 45 secs hard 45 secs walk back 60 secs hard 60 secs walk back x 10

Friday – Speed Program Strength program

hope this helps, ash

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