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    new to site and would like some help with a more sport specific weight/ speed etc program well pretty much everything to be honest!:eek:.
    getting ready for next league season playing at centre/wing.been away from rugby for a while been am boxing last5 years.
    weight is 93kg@12¿ want to be around 95kg@lower bf%
    currently doing upper body/lower body abs split 4on 1 off.
    was given to me by trainer at local gym but would like something a bit more specific as what hes given me is more along the bodybuilding lines.
    am new to olympic lifts etc but really want to learn them.
    need alot of help all round really havnt used the legs for sprinting for quite some
    much appreciated!


    Hey Benny welcome to the group, well first I would like to know where you are living as the first thing you need to do is find a weightlifting coach to teach you how to lift in Olympic lifting style, also what position will you be playing as this will effect the programming, I would suggest you start with a 3 day a week full body program and see how you go from this, my basic starting program is (with examples in brackets):

    1 x Olympic movement (Power Clean from hang position below knees)

    1 x Squat (Back Squat)

    1 x Hamstring/Lower Back (Romanian Dead Lift)

    1 x Upper Body Push and Pull super set (Bench Press & Bent Over Row)

    Week 1 – 4 x 6

    Week 2 – 5 x 5

    Week 3 – 6 x 4

    There are many programs specific to aerobic and anaerobic fitness and speed training on the site so spend a day reading through some of them and then fire off any questions you have cheers, ashley


    hi ashley!thanks for the welcome and the response.
    im living in east auckland at the moment and play at wing/centre.
    will get to reading right away!


    Hey Benny, if you can I would get up to Gillies Ave gym in Auckland, at least once a week and speak to any of the coaches or athletes there about some coaching in the basics of the Olympic lifts and then you can train at your regular gym, hope it all goes well for you, ashley


    cool thanks ashley will check it out.


    hi ashley
    i have started on your strength program 3 days a week.awesome really enjoying learning the olympic lifts.
    have been looking around the site for speed programs not sure as to which is for me?im especially after acceleration,my top end is good but takes me a while to get there!lol running 12.0 at the moment 100m
    can you reccomend a speed program for me?
    have had a look at the speed program pdf by damian in the programs section shuld i be doing something like that workout?
    im currently doing your strength workout mon/wed/fri
    and just goin for cardio runs tue/thu/ would you structure a week with the speed/strength workouts and anything else that should be in there?
    sorry for all the questions but im a bit confused how to go about training for speed.


    Hi Benny I would go with what Damian has contributed as far as your speed program is concerned and I would structure you week like this, I would cut out the continuous aerobic runs immediately and mix them up by doing some flat intervals, hill repeats, you can do anaerobic work to improve your aerobic ability so do not kill off what you naturally possess, speed, by doing too much aerobic work:

    Monday – speed program then strength or push strength to pm

    Tuesday – intervals on rugby field recovery swim or yoga/stretch class

    wk 1 – 200 m (up and back) in 40 seconds rest 20 secs then 100 m in 20 secs rest 40 secs x 15
    wk 2 – 30 x 100 m in <17 secs every 60 secs
    wk 3 – sprint hard 50 m ease up walk to far end turn and sprint 50 m ease up and walk recovery repeat x 20

    Wednesday – strength program

    Thursday – Hill Repeats recovery swim or yoga/stretch class

    wk 1 – 5 minutes warm up then 10 x 1 minute hard with a 1 minute walk back recovery, 10 x 30 seconds hard with a 30 seconds walk back recovery
    wk 2 – 5 minutes warm up then 15 x 45 seconds hard with 45 seconds walk back recovery, 20 x 15 seconds with 30 seconds walk back
    wk 3 – 5 minutes warm up then, ladder 15 secs hard 15 secs walk back 30 secs hard 30 secs walk back 45 secs hard 45 secs walk back 60 secs hard 60 secs walk back x 10

    Friday – Speed Program Strength program

    hope this helps, ash

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