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@robbo90 1633 wrote:

Well its been a while between posts, still waiting for my next surgery however, I’m almost at the stage where I’m thinking of abondoning the surgery and spending the next 6 months fully strengthening my left knee and surrounding muscles.

My surgeon here in Ireland seems to be having trouble with the equipment used on my last ACL recon and this is slowing proceedings down. I’m able now to squat- nothing too heavy yet though, and my conditioning has improved in the last 3 weeks from cycling and straight line running and DB circuit work-carefully. How would you guys target strengthening an ACL, thats not fully gone but fairly close, as in exercises and intensity.

I’m still hoping to play footy from Dec onwards and because of this my physio is leaning towards getting the surgery done for life after rugby and another couple of years playing.

Cheers for your thoughts and views fella’s…

Don’t quite understand the bolded part mate …

I would keep strengthening it but avoid rotational work for now, strengthen the hamstrings primarily and develop ankle and hip mobility.

This will bring you on a bit