Re: Injured knee…


Cheers for the replies guys, I’d have thought the original graft was pretty good as the surgeon was pretty well known I think in rugby circles.

I could say possibly, due to time of season and my focus being on conditioning, my leg strength wasn’t where it should’ve been, at the start of the season, and that could’ve attributed to this. As I made a tackle (I know a first-five tackling in Ireland’s rare- shock horror)and drove into your man, all his weight and mine went through my left knee and it sort’ve locked back into place possibly hyper-extension I don’t know the full wording on it.

I’ve been asked if I could try the long rehab without the recon, and have read it can be done- though I think its tempting fate, it’s been done by a few. Have you any succes that way from your experiences, and if so what area’s would I really need to focus on there.

I’m 31 and am a player/coach here in Ireland. I see myself with a couple more competitive years ahead before hanging the boots up and returning home( I’m a Kiwi probably return to Aussie) to coach. Of course this ACL injury will have a huge bearing on this last paragraph, but any help would be appreciated- as were the previous posts. Cheers Robbo90.

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