Re: Metabolic Training


Looks reasonably solid in your programming, the danger is in trying to do everything, all the time and then getting burned out, I think you need to look at what your goal is in the program, is it to gte stronger, or more powerful, is it specific to rugby or another sport, or is it just for general fitness, my guys will use 70kg for the clean beastly and 50kg for the snatch version, trying to fit those circuits around major sessions will be very fatiguing and minimise your recovery so I would alternate a cross fit session with a beastly on a Saturday,
looking at the schedule you will be okay with the session on the Tuesday just monitor how you are feeling and what your weights are like are they improving, particularly since you have a clean or snatch and power workout planned for the wednesday, I would even use the beastly as a power endurance circuit and just stand it alone on the Wednesday,
cheers, ashley